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Jora composter, JK 270


Domestic compost tumbler, complete with stand

The Jora composter JK 270 can process ~30 liters of organic waste per week.(~4.3 liters/ day)

The Jora composter will take about 6 weeks to fill one compartment.
After 6 weeks, the first compartment is closed/locked while the second compartment will be filled daily, with fresh organic waste.
About 6 weeks later, compartment 2 will be full, while compartment 1 will be ready to discharge and the compost can be distributed to the plants around home.
The organic waste volume will be reduced by 85% after maturing for 6 weeks
Example: 100 liters of organic waste will result in approximately 15 liters of compost.

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Dimensions and weight
Space required for installation (m)
 Approximately 120 x 90 x 150 (L x W x h)
 Size of the CKD box (m)
  122 x 80 x 32 (L xW x h)
 Weight of the C.K.D. Box (Kg)
 One Year against manufacturing defects