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Jora Compost Tumblers 

  • Jora JK 125 Compost Tumbler
    JK125 Wall Mounted
  • Composting Durian
    Durian inside a JK125
  • Composting Durian
    Durian one week later
  • Jora JK 270 Compost Tumbler
  • Jora JK 400 Compost Tumbler
    JK 400
  • Jora JK 5100 Compost Tumbler
  • Jora Bio Composter
  • Agrinova Zoe Wood Chipper, Shredder
    Zara Garden Shredder
  • Agrinova Zakandra Wood Chipper, Shredder
    Zakandra drum Chipper
  • Agrinova wood size
  • Agrinova Zakandra Wood Chipper for palm branches
    Zakandra processing Palm branches
  • Agrinova Leaves Vacuum
    Vacuum Otto
  • Agrinova Leaves Vacuum
    Vacuum Olysse
Jora JK 125 Compost Tumbler
JK125 Wall Mounted

ecostrategies offers Jora compost tumbler, to manage domestic organic waste from landed properties and domestic organic waste from condominiums, malls, school.
Our unique and very efficient composter, offer a continuous process, without the need to store the compost after extraction.

Domestic compost tumblers do not require electricity, while the electricity consumption for the larger units is negligible.
All the composters, regardless the capacity, have 2 compartments to Feed and Mature the organic matter.
All composters are Aerobic and therefore do not generate pungent unpleasant smell.
JORA composters are Suitable to process 

  • all kitchen organic waste
  • shredded garden waste like landscaping waste and grass cuttings.
Installation: all domestic composters are outdoor composters. They require a well ventilated area and a simple overhead cover to shield the composter for direct rain.
Lifespan: It depend on the individual user. As a reference, our first test composter installed in Malaysia and used every single day, lasted 10 years and 11 months before being replaced (about 4,000 days of composting). 

From food/organic waste to compost in 6 weeks

JK270, possibly the best compost tumbler on the market.